Sunday, 2 November 2014

Duxford Quilt Show - the hangover cure!

This Saturday morning afternoon I met my Mum at the Duxford Quilt show. She had already purchased tickets for us both so that we wouldn't need to queue and could go straight in to enjoy the quilty goodness and the beautiful fabrics. Being the brilliant daughter I am, I went to a friends Halloween party the night before (actually a house warming for their little x week old puppy, Remus!) and may have drank a little more butter beer than I planned.... Slightly later than advertised I left home and drove straight to Duxford from Didcot (2 lovely hours :-/) but at least the roads were very clear and went to meet my Mum. Thankfully I had thought to remove my make up the previous night so I had no residual cat face stains when we arrived!

The show was lovely, it was my first, and set in the Duxford Imperial War Museum so there were also impressive war plane models around the hall that you walk through to quilt world. The fabrics and patterns on offer to purchase were wonderful and the prices so much better than my usual online shopping so obviously I had to make the most of it! I did my best to stick to the types of fabrics that I am lacking, such as the neutrals and less dramatic prints. I am hoping to do a baby quilt for my friend before the baby comes (I have several months, she's only just beyond scan one!) so I decided to get some things for the colour scheme I had in mind. I may have got enough for several babies! But I see it as an investment since I am getting to that age when the babies are starting to arrive amongst my friends and family.

I also picked up some general bargains and some slightly less traditional Christmas fabric as Mum and I are planning to make some little decorations to gift this year. I can't wait to get all my fabric put away so I can just look at the pretty colours! We are adapting the spare room slowly at the moment so I can use it as a craft room when we don't have guest, as finally neither me or my partner need the spare room as a thesis writing office (yipee!). I'll post some pictures when I get the fabrics put away :)

There were some wonderful quilts on display, from traditional designs to modern designs and also some genuine pieces of art! I've posted a selection of my favourites for you to see.

 Some wonderful quilts with very effective designs. The hexagon quilt must have taken so much time and care!

 Some real works of art in quilt form. I particularly like the jail break quilt, simple but so effective!

 I just love these prints, especially the liberty prints in the middle picture, one day I will treat myself to some of these!!

Brilliant quilting detail, so intricate, I hope to have the patience and skill for this one day.

 I love these because they show that you don't have to have neutrals to make a quilt go, it is ok to have bold prints adjoining as long as you do it right!

It felt a little like a poster session at an academic conference but I have to say these are much more fun and I think that in future I should be able to take a quilt instead of a poster to a conference. Although I may have to get a bit more ahead with my research if I ever hope to do that!

Definitely planning to go to the show in March, and hoping to bring my sister-in-law along as well then. She was keen to come this time but they have just moved into their new amazing home and she had a date with many many boxes! I have shot-gunned one of the rooms as a craft room but unfortunately it is a bit far to travel to craft in the week. For now I will just be envious, in a loving way, and hope I can make something good out of our spare room.

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