Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Progress on my 'international' retro EEP cushion cover!

It's been a bit of a busy time just lately so unfortunately my rate of finished crafts has slowed somewhat! It has been good busy in particular with the successful defence of my Dr(!) Stuart's viva for his PhD at the end of last month. We had a rather swift trip to Scotland for his viva exam and I am pleased to say it went very well and he has now also completed his minor corrections, or as my Aunty likes to call them, alterations, because surely we weren't wrong :P

I surprised him with a celebratory cake and gift to make note of his new Dr status, it is quite an exciting since time after 4 years of hard work the title is a nice reward. Although we aren't 'proper' doctors as we are often reminded!

Whilst Stuart was having a very intellectual discussion about plasma impurities in fusion tokamaks (phew!) I was occupying myself with my EPP cushion cover in Glasgow in a number of coffee shops. The thing I love about EPP is the ease of doing it anywhere since there isn't a lot of equipment required. This particular cushion cover has been a long while in progress. It was actually started on a sunbed in Corfu at the end of September on a family holiday.

I have used equilateral triangles alternating in black and white and in bold coloured fabrics, I found my inspiration on this great blog: In Colour Order. The cover has grown slowly by working on it whilst watching TV (particularly The Apprentice!) and whilst in Glasgow:

It is finally ready for quilting :) In future I will not choose such large cushion pads for EPP projects!! It is now big enough for the 18" square cushion pad I have, which has used more triangles than I care to count. But I have found the range of fabrics I have worked with really beautiful and I can't wait to do more projects with the remaining bits of fabric.

Sherlock approves of the designs and is certain it won't give her a headache, as long as she has lots of cat treats, of course ....

Although after her energetic playing around it she may be in the bad books for a little while....

For those less familiar, that's a little catnip mouse in that mess of fabric!
Happy crafting!

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