Wednesday, 19 August 2015

GDBO - Biscuit week and a very grown up 30th party!

It was a very busy week for creating, making and crafting last week! I'll start with an update on the GDBO. As you'll probably know it was biscuit week. Sadly there wasn't many of us available for a bake off party last week so I spent my Wednesday busy with baking and crafting while watching the Bake Off. I decided again to try my hand at the Signature challenge (I see a pattern emerging here!) and make my first biscotti. I decided to combine a number of ideas from recipes I have found via Pinterest. Look here for the originals: Orange Cantuccini, Almond and Lemon Biscotti and Easy Vanilla Biscotti.

I decided to make orange, almond, cranberry and nutmeg biscotti, dipped in white chocolate. There wasn't 24, they weren't all identical and they didn't look so attractive so Paul wouldn't have been so happy with them. However, I'd like to see the Bake Off competitors manage to make theirs whilst hanging up the washing, feeding two cats and also watching the programme along with other things.

My orange, cranberry and almond biscotti
We did a taste test between a Sainsbury's taste the difference cantucci and my biscotti. Stuart decided that he preferred the texture and taste of my biscotti but it didn't have the same dunkability as the cantucci. I told him just to dunk more carefully but I think the main reason is that I was cheeky and added butter which isn't always included in traditional biscotti but I decided that I prefer less crunchy biscuits so I went for it!
Taste test :)

In other Bake Off news, I still love Mat :) also hoping Tamal will get more exciting with his creations again.

I've done well finishing off a couple of sewing gifts. I made a picture for my brother's 30th Birthday and it is basically a load of his favourite things for childhood and still now! I even had a go at printing onto fabric with my normal printer with very pleasing results. I found a tutorial for printing on fabric with freezer paper here.
A birthday picture depicting the loves of my brother through many years.
I even had some help from Stuart, he made the Ironman and Captain America badges at the bottom. I also finished the sash for my friend's Hen do. I'm really pleased with how it ended up and I decided to make a little felt hen pin as the attachment :)


The final creation of the week was my Brother's 30th Bday cake. I know how much he loves LEGO so I decided to try to make the famous amazing looking cake that is floating around the internet from professional bakers showing lego men. The cake was Red Velvet with a cheesecake layer in the middle instead of frosting. You can find the recipe I used here!


The lego was fun to construct and surprisingly quick although Sherley wondered what was going on...


I was really pleased with the final result!


My brother's actual birthday was on Saturday and we had a party for him, here are a few pics of the themed foods from superhero pizza to Star Wars snacks.

The cake looked good inside too! And tasted amazing :)
Sherlock and Moriarty wishing their Uncle a Happy 30th
Finally cake cutting :)
After a busy busy week I am having a little rest from the sewing, but only for a few days ;) I'll leave you with a little kitten selfie!

Mori and I having a wee selfie :)

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