Saturday, 22 August 2015

GDBO week 3 - Bread and a little mystery...

Before I start I'll say I am not a bread maker! I have watched the bread week episode of the GBBO after having my attempt at a quick bread... mistake #1. The moment I heard Paul Hollywood say the important thing in a quick bread is that the baking soda and the acid from the buttermilk is what makes the bread rise.... I remembered the moment in the kitchen, oh we don't have lemon juice, oh well milk will be fine.... Also I definitely didn't get the memo about free form so mine was just lobbed in a tin - Sorry Mary and Paul!

I have to say though I have learnt a valuable lesson that Paul Hollywood can be useful as well as mean and also that if you are baking something completely new, maybe try it after the appropriate episode of the GBBO. I am thinking that perhaps the Great Didcot Bake Off needs moving to later in the week :P

Still really scary though!!
So  my idea was to make a quick bread, like the signature challenge on the Bake Off, and use sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella, parma ham and basil. The idea was good, inspired by this recipe. And the taste was good but the rise did not happen!!! Next time I will definitely use the vital acid. Paul Hollywood, I am sorry, in future I will follow your rules.

I have to say I am not sad about Dorret's departure, I was worried about Mat for a minute there though! Glad to see Tamal has stepped up and what about that Lion. AMAZING. Well done Paul!

We've had a bit of fun this week as well doing a Murder Mystery dinner that I was given for my Birthday. It was the Curse of the Mummy and set in 1932 so there was so brilliant character names and costume opportunities! It was great to see everyone make such an effort and I have never laughed so hard at accents.

The mysterious gang... before the murderer strikes!
Me playing Heidi Veppen with the local Mr Fixit Ahmed Ahbooboo
A little bit of costume swapping..
I also made a dessert that was Egyptian themed, sadly I forgot to take a photo before everyone tucked in! It was a nice dessert but an incredible amount of sugar in it so I won't be making it regularly. Was good to try something different though, the recipe I used was included in the kit and the name was Basbousa.

This is what it is supposed to look like:

I'm just going to leave this gem here...
My favourite picture of the night... I think Major Dick Payne has turned somewhat Wario here

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