Saturday, 29 August 2015

GDBO week 4 - Desserts and the top item on any cat's wish list

So it's dessert week! And really not the best week for me to start a diet.... oh well! The signature challenge this week is 24 Crème Brûlée that must be made without a torch; luckily I don't have a torch so I won't be tempted to cheat :P I found it harder this week to decide on a variation of crème brûlée as I have had it drilled into me by my crème brûlée loving mother that they are best as they come as long as they are hot! Having looked at some ideas here I decided on an almost traditional White Chocolate Crème Brûlée as I use any excuse to get chocolate in there! I used this recipe as a basis for my creation. I decided only to make 4 ramekins for our GDBO party as I knew there would be at least one other dessert on offer (which btw sounds amazing) and there wouldn't be enough mouths to eat up 24! (Also there is that diet thing again.... but the plus side of crème brûlée is the lack of raw cake mixture to "test".)
A genius idea to deal with the different rate of sugar caramelisation :P
Inspecting the handy work
I haven't quite nailed the caramalisation yet, we tried it with both brown sugar and normal caster sugar and I think the normal caster sugar is the best for giving the crisp top.

The other dessert we had was a White Chocolate and Whisky Croissant Butter Pudding. It was amazing!!! Here's the recipe if anyone wants to try it :)

It was a good week on GBBO with many yummy desserts. I was sad to see Sandy go as she is such a fun person to watch but I do think it was the right decision for the baking. I was not so keen on the choice of star baker, for 1) I think they shouldn't be keep the same person for that many weeks! It is only week 4 and 2) I don't think that Ian's cheesecakes were 'not savoury' as requested! In my book Szechuan peppercorn cheesecake, a pecan salted caramel and rosemary cheesecake, and an apple and tarragon cheesecake are far too close to savory for him to get star baker! I think there was some lovely creations and I am still very keen on Mat, Tamal and Nadiya!

My crafting this week has been to finish some monogrammed Cat blankets for my Brother and Sister-in-laws fluffies, Molly and Harry. The ones I have made previously were well received by Sherlock and my Mum's little one, Fujji, see below!
So hopefully they will enjoy them too :)
For Harry and Molly Elmore!
I also wanted to show off the beautiful cushion that my wonderful Mum made for friends of ours who are getting married today! It is only her second project but she did a beautiful job and I am so proud of her. Lets hope her creations continue :)
A wonderful wedding gift for Lisa and Jay getting married today!
Our dear kitties Sherlock and Moriarty have just about forgiven us for their cattery stay last weekend, they have been incredibily cute and affectionate, although I think Mori is taking measures to stop us going away again!
I just love this picture of our little detective checking who is coming in the house from her viewpoint!

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