Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Great Didcot Bake Off - week 1 and the Viral Squirrel Sensation

So this week was the return of GBBO and I have to say it lived up to the hype; between the alcoholic cakes, Paul's damning judgement and the mousse mistake there was lots of entertainment. I brought my offering of ginger and lime Madeira cake topped with lime buttercream and gingerbread men, and got a much better reception than if it had been Hollywood judging! We are yet to see who is the true 'Paul' of our GDBO group... I also really enjoyed the first go on my new mixer!

GDBO week 1 offering: Lime and Ginger Madeira Cake
Current favourites in the baking are Tamal and Nadiya, also Sandy for her brilliant character! Points also to Mat for having a gin and tonic Madeira cake (and also being a Fireman). The other bakers in our group didn't commit this week and we had a couple of lovely 'Sainsburys'-made additions to the cake-fest but we did enjoy a few school night (*shocking*) shots using this lovely game:
Looking forward to biscuit week next week and hoping I will have time to make something for the GDBO in between the birthday cake preparation I will be doing for my brother's 30th Birthday at the weekend :)

Along with the return of GBBO was the brilliant show - An Extra Slice. Last night I finally became an internet sensation but sadly not for my success but for my epic squirrel cake fail. Jo Brand happily announced that "Sarah from Oxford, a doctor of Physics, and her friend Caely" had made a squirrel cake. She then compared it to a real squirrel to much amusement, my family certainly had a big laugh here and it is great to know that my baking has caused people's children to fall off the sofa in hysterics.
The comparison made my An Extra Slice. Here is the facebook page link - the comments are definitely worth a read!
It's even been made into a meme thanks to one facebook user....

So it seems fame comes at a price, humiliation! But I won't be deterred :P

I've made some sewing progress this week; the sash I am making for a friend's hen do is almost done, well the hand embroidery at least.

And this brilliant little onesie that I bought for my cousin and his wife who were expecting last month. He thinks he is Batman but since their second little one is another girl I thought this addition to the onesie was appropriate :)

Batman - baby style. Who said little girls can't be superheros?!
I'm off to play some board games with a jug of Sangria with the family now, a nice warm up for next weekend's Birthday plans for the bro. I'll just leave you with this lovely picture of my Mum's cats enjoying the garden :D
Georgie and Fujji enjoying the lovely weather

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