Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Great Didcot Bake Off

I'm just a little bit excited about the new series of the Great British Bake Off! A friend of mine has come up with a brilliant idea to do our own competition each week and in couples we will bake something for the week's theme and bring them to judge while we watch the episode. Personally I am looking forward to three bakes to sample each week :D These has also been a suggestion of recreating any 'gates' that occur during the series so watch this space for weird and wonderful bakes and hopefully some amusing disagreements!
GBBO courtesy of the BBC
Things have been a bit hectic between completing crafts for a dear friends hen party.
The dear Bride-to-be with her personalised homemade sash!
Also the new fluffy arrival we had in back in November :) She is a dear sweet little rescue cat called Moriarty, Mori for short, and a best friend (rather than nemesis, most of the time) for Sherlock!

The new addition, Moriarty :)
Stuart and his little baby Mori

Together they have definitely 'aided' my crafting but there are still many things in progress and I really need to have a finish up summer. Hopefully some finished crafts will be appearing on the blog soon along with the updates of the Great Didcot Bake Off that we will be doing.

Double trouble: Sherlock and Moriarty
I'll sign off now so that I can make my plan for the signature bake of a Madeira cake with a twist. I'm thinking something with lime for a change and some ginger in honour of the newly graduated Dr Henderson.
Celebrating with the new Dr Henderson PhD :D

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