Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Norwood and Somersham Quilt Show Inspiration!

 Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be home with Mum when the Norwood and Somersham Quilt Show was on at Somersham Church. There were some beautiful pieces there and it was brilliant for Mum and I to get some inspiration for future quilt ideas, since neither of us have completed one yet!! Even better the entry fee included a tea and a piece of cake - win!

There were some really wonderful landscape ones which really interested Mum as she as been getting into her landscapes at the moment :) I particularly liked the way the spray on the sea has been done with embroidery. Very wonderful quilts!

This particular piece was started at a Sally Holman work shop and has actual shells on it! I love it, and the lady who made it was lovely too :) It has encouraged Mum and I to get round to doing the cushion landscape sets I bought from Sally Holman at the Duxford Quilt show in March!
There were some great animal ones as well, lots of cats featured at the show much to our delight!

I particularly like the cat looking in the mirror, ours definitely react like that!!

I've decided that this little hanging is Mum at the moment as she has got very good at collecting fabric for future projects that we haven't got round to thinking about starting yet....

Also this one applies to both Mum and I! My little fluffies take any chance they can to sneak into the spare room full of fabric!
This piece was really pretty and particularly drew my attention because I have actually visited the Golden Temple in Kyoto, Japan when I went travelling with my friend Gemma to visit our friend Alice who was living out there back in 2009! It really is quite special :)

 This one was the favourite though! So many cats!!! And so many ideas to inspire/borrow/steal.... I love the cats looking in the pond and up the tree! The one in the bird stand is brilliant too and looks just like the pose Molly, my brother's cat, would pull. Also the quilt hanging on the line is awesome!

What a PERFECT day! Quilting and cake followed by an evening of X-factor! Yep, sorry, I am a bit addicted to watching people sing and try to sing hehe. But I recommend going along to any local quilt shows you see advertised because they are really wonderful and great for inspiration, even if you can't do much yet!

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