Saturday, 5 September 2015

Week 5 - alternative ingredients.... with a twist!!

Well Mary and Paul didn't choose a particularly exciting theme this week but a fair one considering the number of known allergies these days. Having baked gluten free goodies for my sister-in-law for a few years before she could eat it again, I felt I had done my bit of making difficult bakes! We decided for the GDBo we would interpret the theme of alternative ingredients differently. One contribution was choux buns since they contain dairy, sugar and gluten! I chose to use bacon as my alternative ingredient. I use this amazing recipe from Rachel from Bakerita. It went done really well and the man has decided that all bacon should be caramelised ;)
Bacon caramel brownies <3
It was definitely a tough week on the bake off for everyone so it was lovely to see that Nadiya finally aced a technical and got star baker. V happy about that one! There was quite a lot of trouble with the bakes, poor Ugne was a disaster from start to finish this week so although she has been a great contestant she was the right choice to leave this week. Mat managed to stay despite missing the memo about the right kind of ice cream cake! Tamal did some good stuff despite the terrible technical, it was good to see he could laugh it off :) I could talk about Paul's fondant lady, but I Just.Can't.Do.It.

I felt quite bad and inconsiderate having not embraced the free from week, especially since my friend is having to eat dairy free at the moment whilst feeding her new little baby. I dug out my good ol' LEON bakes book and found a couple of easy DF treats. I made coconut macaroons and Casablanca cakes, although they didn't spread as much as promised. They were gratefully received so it was definitely worth it. I feel my good dead of the day was definitely done!
Coconut macaroons and Casablanca cakes
The cat blankets were also gratefully received this week, both Molly and Harry even seem to be happy to sleep on things intended for them which is more than can be said for our little fluffers!

Sleepy queen Molly

Harry couldn't decide which was his....

Then he wanted them both!

But he did finally sleep on his :)

Hope you are all having lovely weekends. I need to have a think about next weeks GDBO plan but for now it is time to enjoy the Safari Park with Stu's wee niece :)

PS big girl Mori has mastered climbing the fence now!

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